Japanese TAIYO company (TAIYO), Asian well-established manufacturer of pneumatical and hydraulic products with a wide range of specifications.Which developed and researched products has won the high reputation in this field.
   The TAIYO characteristic products include: air cylinder, oil cylinder, turbo-charged cylinder, diaphragm pump, gas motor, and vacuum hoisting up system.

Pneumatic elements

hydraulic elements



Pneumatic processing elements

Hydraulic Station

Mini-hydraulic station


vacuum components

Air valve

solenoid valve

Hydraulic valve

Hydraulic valve

Shock absorber

safety shock absorber

Air cylinder

standard cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder

Air bump

Pneumatic diaphragm cylinder

Air cylinder

Thin cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder

Air motor

Pneumatic motor


Pneumatic fittings

Hydraulic scale

Hydraulic metering cylinder

Flow switch

flow switches

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