American Bimba Manufacturing Company, its founder invented non-maintainence air cylinder made of stainless steel to replace the small traditional cylinder which need mend in 1957. Afterward this kind of air cylinder became one industrial standard.
   With recent many years, the BIMBA Corporation's production line also expanded to many variety types of air cylinders,BIMBA becomes the biggest air cylinder manufacturere in North America . The BIMBA air cylinder, by its remarkable performance quality, holds 60% markets of North American.
stainless steel cylinder:
Our "Original Line" cylinders have earned a reputation as hardworking, long-lasting performers. We have the broadest product line available — with more bore sizes, mounting styles and options than any other company.

Non-Rotating Air Cylinders:
Bimba’s new Non-Rotating Original Line stainless steel body air cylinder design consists of a unique square piston rod with rounded corners. The square rod prevents rotation better than other rod configurations, and the rounded corners provide longer seal life than conventional hexagon rods. The unusual geometry of the square rod also provides superior rotation control.

PC Cylinders:
The Bimba PC Cylinder has a stainless steel body, stainless steel rod and acetal resin end caps. It is ideal for applications and environments that require exposure to moisture, lubricants and specific solvents.
FLAT-1 Cylinders
If your application is tight on space, our round, square, non-rotating, dual-power or three position Flat Line cylinders are the answer. These compact and repairable cylinders offer unequaled design, versatility and reliable performance.
Hole Punch Cylinders:
Designed to punch millions of holes in plastic or other thin sheet materials 2 to 3 mils thick, the long-life BIMBA Pneumatic Hole Puncher will give you more cycles per penny.
Pneu-Turn Rotary Actuators
Our rack and pinion rotary actuators allow for almost unlimited rotation. They are lightweight and provide smooth operation.
Linear Thrusters Pneu-Moment:
For smooth, guided motion. A durable housing with guide shafts keeps our Linear Thruster from rotating and allows it to carry higher loads. Several of our actuators also have special features for use in multi-axis applications and our PneuMoment pneumatic actuator features an auxiliary port option that can be used to transmit air or vacuum through the actuator to the tooling plate for use with additional automation devices.

Double-Rod Cylinders:
Though Bimba double Rod air cylinder volume is small, provide two times power of traditional air cylinder's and slip and non- rotary high precise linear movement.

Ultran Cylinders
Magnetically coupled design of Bimba's rodless cylinders keeps out metal chips and other leak-causing contaminants for longer cylinder life. The new Bimba Ultran Band has a specially engineered sealing strip that helps out-seal the competition by 75% and is perfect for door opening, material handling/conveying, packaging and palletizing applications.

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